the ‘tasklearn’, ‘tasksafe’ & ‘fuelstream’ story

In this story, Dealers are the heroes. Dealers have to be tough. You need to be driven to succeed and able to run a business that gets more complicated every day. For a Dealer, running a site is personal. It’s a huge part of your life. We know this, because we’ve run sites for decades.We also know that the margins are under pressure and every expense has to make sense.

Every employee has to give their best, but we know, often they don’t. They treat customers with indifference. They make mistakes. They never fully realize the battle every Dealer is fighting to keep the business going, growing and giving a good return. That’s a major obstacle to overcome.

That’s why we created ‘tasklearn’. To help every Dealer by making your service station workplace a learning space. To remind every employee every day that they need to up their game. They need to work harder and do better. The way to do this is NOT with a few training sessions. The way to do it is to keep training, day in, day out. In the workplace. Until your employees realize that the new standard is not dropping. It’s not going away. It’s here to stay and they need to deliver it.

We also created ‘tasksafe’ because we know how difficult it can be to implement health & safety. And how it’s even more difficult to stay compliant month after month. ‘tasksafe’ is our way of giving you step-by-step guidance to implement health & safety at your site.

That’s 2 massive goals to get right, we know. There’s no quick fix. The only way to do it is to make it part of every day for every employee.

Lastly, we’ve been writing ‘fuelstream’ as a newsletter since 2010. We’ve shared hundreds of best practices that were generously shared by Dealers and tips & ideas from our own experience. Make sure you subscribe for ‘fuelstream’ to get the same information right in your inbox.

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We will continue to work passionately every day to bring you valuable training, easy to use, constantly evolving and at a price that works. We’re in this boat with you, and we’re bringing our paddle.