Job Titles

‘tasklearn’ is focused on the different jobs on site and training modules are divided by job title

This includes job titles such as:

  • Forecourt Attendant
  • Cashier
  • Merchandiser
  • Cleaner
  • Food Handler
  • Health & Safety Team Member
  • Supervisor
  • Back Office
  • Manager
  • Dealer

We’re constantly developing new training modules, especially on topics such as Customer Service, Loyalty Programs and Health & Safety based on requests from each Oil Company

Contact us to find out which modules are already available and which are in development

You can also speak to your Oil Company and request that their training material be included on ‘tasklearn’ so you can access it alongside all the other content we already provide

‘tasksafe’ is accessible from any connected device for any …

  • Dealer, Manager, and any other Section 8.2. Appointees
  • Other Health & Safety Team Members on site
  • Oil Company Health & Safety Manager, Territory Managers/Business Consultants, etc.