Decades of experience

‘tasklearn’ & ‘tasksafe’ has been developed by our knowledgeable and experienced team at FUTURENT

That’s what makes ‘tasklearn’ even more amazing, it’s developed and created based on our personal experience in owning and operating profitable and sustainable service stations

We’ve owned and operated service stations in several networks since 1999. We have decades of experience with company-owned and dealer-owned sites, food offers, car washes, services, retail and other business units

We’ve developed amazing Dealer training programs for some of the major oil companies and have trained more than 500+ Dealers, Managers, Supervisors and Oil Company Personnel

We’ve also developed qualifications with the Wholesale & Retail SETA (W&RSETA) specifically for the fuel industry including Retail Store Manager, Forecourt Attendant, Cashier, Merchandiser and more. We’ve run annual training programs nationally for the W&RSETA since 2016

We’ve also published our ‘fuelstream’ Newsletter with best practices for Dealers & Managers since 2010 to more than 5300+ readers