We’re always looking for new training content, and you can help:

  • VIDEO – Do you have a video about a health & safety incident, accident or near miss? Or, have you made a video of yourself or a colleague and want to share it? Or, there’s a training tip you’ve recorded? Send it to us!
  • PHOTOS – Any photos of anything interesting relating to service stations, customers, products, services, or anything else. Send it to us!
  • IDEAS – Do you have an idea for a training module? Or, you’ve identified a problem or issue on site that should be covered in training? Let us know!
  • PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, PNG, MP4, etc. – You can send almost any type of document or file and we’ll be able to use it, not just the ones listed here. Don’t worry about editing, we’ll do that. We’ll make a training module out of it with questions, tips and much more, just send it to us!

If you want to contribute or discuss an idea, please contact

  • Ruan Schoeman, our Co-Founder and Managing Director
  • Cell +27 82 782 5087
  • Email rschoeman@future-ent.com
  • WhatsApp +27 82 782 5087

Disclaimer: By sending us any document, file or material you acknowledge that you have the rights to the material or permission to send it and you give us permission and rights to edit and use the material as we see fit