We receive frequent tips and suggestions from Fuel Retailers based on best practices they have implemented on-site.

We decided to group a few of them together in this edition. If you have a tip of your own that you think other Fuel Retailers should be aware of, please click here to send it to us. You can remain anonymous if you wish.


This tip was received from a Dealer in Gauteng and highlights one of the new risks on forecourts:

“Just wanted to mention what I saw the other day on my forecourt. These delivery scooter guys are sticking their phones on the petrol tanks so that they can use them for Google maps for directions. 

This practice is very dangerous.

I have instructed my attendants not to help them if they refuse to remove the cell phone. This is a highly flammable risk.

Please ask your attendants to be aware of this trend.”


This tip was received after we sent our previous newsletter which focused on Armed Robberies:

“I read your newsletter in March about Armed Robberies, and it just so happens that we had an Armed Robbery over the weekend.

The robbers just walked into the shop and ordered everyone to lay down. They normally blow the safe, but this time they only took the money from the tills. The site was very busy, so we did not have time to drop all the cash. 

They were able to take a few thousand Rand. They also took customer’s cellphones.

Afterwards, they walked out of the shop and fired one shot into the air. Up to then, the forecourt was not even aware something was happening.

Then the robbers just walked away; they did not even bring a car.

Of course, they were wearing COVID masks that covered their face and neck. Wearing that with a cap makes it impossible to identify them.

Security and staff should be made aware this could happen. They can try to remember what clothes, shoes, caps, etc. the robbers were wearing as this can still help the police to identify suspects.”


This is a tip we’ve shared before, but it remains relevant. During this last week a Dealer told us about a serious incident where the Attendant was burned by super hot steam and splashing water from an overheating radiator:

“We have had injuries where an attendant has burned his hand or arm when opening a radiator from a car that is overheating.

What we have done is to get a few pieces of thick tyre insulation. The Attendant uses that instead of a piece of cloth, and it works much better.

The rubber protects the Attendant from the hot steam.

But, it is important to remember that they must still open the radiator cap very slowly to avoid releasing a lot of steam or boiling water.”

Video of an overheating radiator being opened


This tip was shared by a Dealer in Cape Town:

“Over the years, we’ve had two incidents where a customer drives off when the nozzle is still in the fuel tank. Every time the customer was on their cellphone and paid cash. However, they did not check if the Attendant was finished putting in fuel.

We’ve trained the Attendants never to leave the pump if the nozzle is still in the car unless they tell the customer.

We’ve also taught the Attendant’s not to run after the car if this happens as the nozzle can recoil and hit the Attendant.”

Video showing what can happen if a customer drives off with the nozzle 

If you have a tip of your own that you think other Fuel Retailers should be aware of, please click HERE and send it to us. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

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