Dealer Tip: Using ‘tasklearn’ on site

We’ve received so much feedback from Dealers & Managers about how they’re using ‘tasklearn’ on site. Here are 3 bright ideas:

  • “I bought a cheap tablet, just to test how ‘tasklearn’ works, and I connected it to the sites WIFI. I’m not so worried about the tablet getting damaged because it’s not my expensive iPad. I was surprised how many options of tablets are already available.”


  • “I make sure that I have a look at the weekly progress report to see which employees are gradually working through the modules and which employees are slacking. I’ve instructed the manager to get everyone to complete between 3 and 4 modules per week.”


  • “There are 3 guys at my site who are really doing well on the training. I’ve asked them to help the other employees where they can and I can see that everyone is starting to get more value out of it. I’m considering making one of the 3 my Training Champion”