‘tasklearn’ Tip: Set the pace of training to get the maximum benefit

Hi tasklearners,

On ‘tasklearn’, we often see that some employees complete up to 10 modules per shift. This is usually because the modules are so practical and so entertaining.

In class-room training we find that learners start to switch off at some point. This is called “over training”. It means too much information is being provided and eventually the learner just goes through the steps without “taking in” any of the material. It reduces the benefit you get from the training as the employee doesn’t take enough time to think through what they’ve learnt. They also think less about how they will actually implement it on-the-job.

In the class room you can’t break up the material into bite-sized chunks and really spend time on them, but in e-learning time is not an issue. the advantage you have is that an employee doesn’t have to complete as much as possible in one sitting. You have control over the pace of learning and you can maximize the impact it has on your employees performance. Basically, you need to remind them that “there is no rush”. They don’t need to charge through the material like a freight train, they can slow down the pace a little and really get into the details. After all, you want the training to really change their behavior. This is not something that happens overnight.

We recommend that you limit your employees to doing a maximum of 3-4 modules per shift. But, remember to explain to them that the idea is for them to really concentrate and then to implement what they’ve learnt on-the-job.

Happy learning

the ‘tasklearn’ team