Customer Obstruction: McDonald’s drive thru


A customer obstruction, as I understand it, is something that makes it more difficult for you to spend your money at a business. As a customer, not only do you have to make more than one decision to buy, but you also have to decide whether you want to buy there next time.

It may seem trivial to some people, but I recently visited a McDonald’s drive thru. The ordering and payment was prompt and without issues. When I drove up to the window to collect, they told me to park and that they will bring me my food. Now, I know why they’re doing that. They have to meet targets based on how quickly they can get a customer passed the final window, so they ask me to park so that they have more time and their target is not in jeopardy. I’m okay with that, BUT.

Here are my issues:

  • I have to sit and wait in the parking bay and they have to walk to my car twice to bring me everything (they’re meeting their target, but I have to wait longer)
  • Then, the lady asks me to check that the right products are in the bag (isn’t that their job?)
  • When I got home, I realized they forgot to put ketchup in the bags (isn’t that something they should check?)
  • After I had to explain to my kids why there wasn’t ketchup, I realized that none of the drinks had ice in them (it’s summer and a COLD cold drink is a must)

That’s 4 customer obstructions in one purchase. Seriously?


The obstructed customer