‘tasklearn’ = better performing employees = happier customers = higher volume & turnover

 All modules are short, practical and focused on job tasks specifically for service stations 

Accessible from any connected device, for any employee, at any time, in any department

Forecourt Attendant, Cashier, Merchandiser, Cleaner & Health & Safety Officer training modules already available

Training Champion, Car Wash, Supervisor and more coming soon

  • No more transport costs to training venues
  • No more absence from site for training
  • No more waiting for training to be scheduled

  • More task-based modules
  • More practical step-by-step instructions
  • Weekly reports showing individual progress

  • No long term contracts
  • No variable monthly fee
  • Cancel anytime

Why us?

  • We know fuel, shops, car washes, food & more
  • We’ve run sites profitably & sustainably for more than 15 years
  • We’ve trained 1000’s of Dealers, Managers & Staff

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What do Dealers & Managers & their Employees say?

The 2 most frequent feedback messages that employees post at the end of a training module is “It shows me how to do my job” and “It helps me understand how to do my job”


“I really appreciate your effort in training me personally, this is going to help me and I am going to help my colleagues here at Maputsoe service station. Thank you!!” – Palesa Sesoane, Manager, Maputsoe Service Station


“Forecourt Attendants must be trained and made aware of this often, as employees become complacent and start slacking on safety, this should be a weekly topic on safety” – Firoza Lambat, Dealer, TOTAL Speedway


“The teachings here are relevant to our daily job and this is a right tool to teach new recruits and refresh old employees. Keep it up, this is perfect”, and …

“Relevant to our daily work and we experience this almost everyday. Thumbs up.” – Tois Mofokeng, Attendant, TOTAL Orange Farm


“My name is Abraham Radebe, Forecourt Attendant at Overvaal Motors. The program was very useful to me, especially as a petrol attendant coz it covered safety at forecourt and now I know how to use a fire extinguisher. Now I can even warn the customers with some of the unsafe acts, such as smoking, and cellphone on forecourt. So now I take care of my environment daily”


“To make sure that we promote products to the customers and we don’t always offer the same promotion” and “these modules it help us how to treat our customers and how to keep them in our business” – April Olebogeng, Cashier, Viva Tlabane


“I am William Lefika from Shell. The test that I wrote was very useful in many ways and has open my eyes with different things. How to protect myself and the environment that am working on it, cause it is risky in many ways. If the is a gas vapour I know how to use fire extinguisher cause gas vapour need a dry thing not water. If there is any danger I know that I have to clear the area before I do anything. The test was all about the environment and myself and the customer also”


“It is very excellent to give each customer full service he/she will keep on coming because it makes them feel like they are at their home” – Omar Chinthenga, Forecourt Attendant, Shell Sancardia Motors


“Attendant must always keep an eye on a nozzle time to time although the customer parked correctly to prevent such incidents, by the way it’s a excellent module I have never thought this might happen so now I know” – Kenny Mallela, TOTAL Murrayfield

We only launched in June 2017 and 600+ users have already completed more than 6’300 modules


Click on "SignUp" for the 14-Day FREE Trial and get access to ALL the modules and a Special Subscription Deal