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‘tasklearn’ helps you to increase volumes and turnovers.

We provide easy-to-use, practical training with instructions on how to do the actual tasks in the job.

Now you can train continuously, the way training should be done.

  • No more transport costs to training venues
  • No more absence of employees from site during training
  • No more waiting for training to be scheduled or dealing with postponements when you’ve already made plans

  • More task-based training modules focused on how to do the job
  • More practical step-by-step instructions in each training module
  • More reports showing weekly progress for each individual employee

  • No long term contracts
  • No variable monthly fees
  • Cancel anytime

  • All modules are short, practical and focused on job tasks specifically for service stations
  • Accessible from any connected device, for any employee, at any time, in any department
  • More than 70+ training modules available already for Forecourt Attendants, Cashiers, Merchandisers and more

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